Upcoming Festivals

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Catch us while you can!
Nordic Mountain Film Festival – Turtagrø, Norway – September 10-12
Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival – Sun Valley, Idaho – September 17-19
Big Bear Lake International Film Festival – Big Bear, CA – September 17-19
Bay Street Film Festival – Thunder Bay, Canada – September 30-October 3
BendFilm – Bend, Oregon – Friday, October 8th @1pm and Saturday, October 9th@ 12:30pm
Fort Lauderdale International Film Fest – Fort Lauderdale, FL – October 22-November 11
Southern Appalachian International Film Festival – Erwin, TN – October 27 – November 14
Ojai Film Festival – Ojai, CA – November 4-7

7 Responses to “Upcoming Festivals”

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  2. Mike Koolen says:

    I would like to learn more about showing this film at our Mountain Film featival in New Denver BC, Canada.

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