Im really excited to announce that A Life Ascending has been accepted into the Banff Mountain Film Festival

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I got an email on wednesday telling me I was a pretty solid contender  and that I would know by the end of the month which was the next day.

I didnt sleep very well that night wondering what the email reallyl meant. First thing in the morning I called and they said, ” it looks good but they can’t say officially” More confusion. Trying to be more cryptic,  I asked if I should rejoice when I hung up or if I should wait.  She paused and said, rejoice.   On the hang up,   high fives and a hug with sarah in the office, a bunch of phone calls and a little dance session with the kids when I got home.   BANFF is a big deal for this little film for so many reasons.

Firstly it is “THE” mountain film festival in the world (sorry Telluride and Trento)  and also because it really is in many ways the birthplace of the film.  After I had the idea to make a film about Ruedi and his family, I phoned them and they said they would be open to discussing it. A week later I flew to Banff to meet them. They were attending the festival in 2006. We talked about the possibility of a film and after a few meals and some deliberations, Ruedi said, well I open the chalet in a couple weeks why dont you come back and film that.   Back in LA I scrambled, calling the sister in law of a friend who lived in the Banff/Canmore area who gave me  a list of Cinematographers.  Through that list I found Roger Vernon, this incredible DP who lives in Canmore.

Two weeks later he and I were up in the Selkirks shooting. I had no idea where it would go from there but I was on the road.  We shot enough snow shoveling that week to last a lifetime and to create a series of snow shoveling instructional videos (which we wont do) , but we also got some of the best interviews of the whole project and some really beautiful climbing and skiing stuff.  We were on our way.  Anyway, over the next couple of years,  and many trips back to Banff and the Selkirks, the film was made. There were so many folks from that areas who helped out technically, emotionally, with interviews and kindness and support.  For the film to come back up to their hood is incredibly exciting.    If you live around Banff or anywhere near or for that matter just want an excuse to come to an incredible festival, join us.  Or if you know anyone in the area ALA is playing the first weekend on HALLOWEEN DAY  1:20 in the Gigantic Eric Harie Theater.

I really hope to see you all there.


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  1. Stephen, congrats on getting the film screened at the Banff Mountain Festival! I attend the BMF every year without fail – it’s an outstanding event, and the feature film screenings (Oct 30/31) are often some of the best in the whole festival. As an avid backcountry skier myself I’m really looking forward to seeing A Life Ascending – you picked an excellent subject and I look forward to seeing Ruedi’s backyard on the big screen! Films about backcountry skiing/ski mountaineering are usually in short supply at the BMF, say compared to rock climbing/mountaineering films, and the fact that it’s set ‘down the road’ from Banff makes it that much more appealing.
    Good luck with it!

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